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What Sets You Apart? Hallmarks of Truly Great Web Design

If you’re looking to set your business apart from the crowd with web design in Melbourne, you must understand the nuances of intuitive design. A great website can be the difference between someone purchasing through your business and hitting that back button as fast as they can. So what is it precisely that takes a website from ‘meh’ to ‘omg, I love it’?

Fast Facts About Web Design

Before getting into design dos and don’ts, let’s kick off with some fast facts to understand why web design is so crucial.

  • The average person has an attention span of 8-12 seconds. So, your website has that long to make an impression on your customer! But…
  • It only takes 0.5 seconds to form an opinion on your brand. The initial impression customers receive when visiting your website is primarily influenced by design.
  • Mobile devices make up almost two-thirds of web usage. Having a web design that looks fabulous on desktop and mobile devices isn’t just recommended anymore; it’s essential.
  • 80% of smartphone users have purchased retail products on their phones. If you have an online store, you must make it easy to shop on all devices.
  • Good web design has a 75% influence on a website’s credibility. If your web design isn’t modern, accessible, and fast-loading, your customers will question the legitimacy of your business.

Common Mistakes People Make With Web Design In Melbourne

You may believe that you’ve spent so long trawling the internet that you understand what makes a website good or bad, but take it from Melbourne web design professionals, you don’t know all the tricks. In fact, the team here at The Carpenter’s Wife can tell which business sites have been built by a web design service in Melbourne and who has created their own DIY site. Here are a handful of typical web design mistakes we see regularly that should be avoided.

  • They’re too outside-the-box. When designing a website, you have a lot of creative freedom for typefaces, colours, images, and content. Plus, if you have a great concept to grab your audience’s attention, go for it! However, there are a few conventional rules web users will expect websites to follow. For example, your company’s logo should be in the top left corner of the site, the navigation bar should be easy to find and use, and your content should follow a predictable format.
  • Where are the call to action prompts? We at The Carpenter’s Wife can not stress the importance of a call to action enough! You need to be clear with what you want from your customers; otherwise, they’ll click away from your site without having purchased or signed up for anything. Make easily identifiable prompts with simple language such as ‘contact us’, ‘buy now’, or ‘subscribe today’.
  • White space isn’t used strategically. White space can be an incredible tool that helps direct your customers to content or products. However, many people don’t use it to their advantage. They often won’t use enough white space, making their site look overwhelming and crowded. Or they’ll use too much white space in a failed attempt at modern minimalism creating confusion amongst their audiences. White space shows your customers which parts of your site are the most important.
  • Mistakes in typeface choice. While most people understand the art of ‘less is more’ when it comes to typefaces and fonts, we often see people choosing typefaces they believe will stand out. At The Carpenter’s Wife, we’ve seen enough Nicholia typeface to last us a lifetime, and we firmly believe fonts like Comic Sans MS need to be reserved for incredibly limited use.
  • Missing metadata. When people are searching for your business online, metadata can help them find your site with ease. It’s especially useful when uploading images or videos. Rather than having your image titled ‘IMG002.jpg’, change the metadata to reflect your business name, the page your customers are on, and create a caption using keywords.

How Can You Stand Out With Web Design In Melbourne?

So, what are a few things you can do to make sure your web design is out of this world?

  • Build a custom website. Yes, it’s a bit more complicated and a tad more expensive, but trust us when we say the payoff is worth it. When you have your own custom site, you have so much more freedom to play with site design so that you can make your website the perfect extension of your brand. If you’re looking for an agency to design custom websites in Melbourne, The Carpenter’s Wife have you covered.
  • Hire professionals. With the swathe of intelligent tools at our fingertips nowadays, more and more businesses are choosing to build their own sites. However, if you’re looking for a site that is cohesive, intelligent, and ranks far better on search engines, hire a Melbourne web design agency to create the perfect site for your business.
  • Make sure your customers have a positive experience on your site. Usability is everything when it comes to excellent web design. Your customers will want something easy to navigate, easy to read, aesthetically pleasing, fast loading, and intuitive to their needs. After all, you want your customers to walk away from your site with the intention of revisiting someday. If you’re not the most technologically savvy person in the world or if you’d like a little assistance in creating something brilliant, please don’t hesitate to enlist the help of The Carpenter’s Wife.

For Web Design In Melbourne, Choose The Carpenter’s Wife

The Carpenter’s Wife offers a comprehensive web design service in Melbourne, so whether you require a re-jig of your existing website or you’re contemplating brand new custom websites in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place. Your brand has a clear message to send, and without optimised usability and functionality, your website may struggle to deliver that message to those who visit the site. We’re passionate about getting your brand’s story out there, and a well-designed website is just the first step. If you’re contemplating outsourcing web design services in Melbourne, contact The Carpenter’s Wife to find out how we can transform your website. We can’t wait to show you the best version of your business.