What Does Your Business’s Typography Tell Your Customers?

In the 21st century, people are taking in more typography and written words than they have at any other point in history. We are surrounded by written text at every moment of the day, reading it via books, phones, computers, advertisements, posters, packaging, televisions… the list goes on. Most of these words, we glaze over but don’t take in. That’s why your business’s digital typography is so crucially important! You want people to see your online content and have it cut through the wordy noise that surrounds your audience at all times. At The Carpenter’s Wife, we provide a comprehensive typography service in Melbourne to help businesses use words to stand out from the crowd!

So, What Is Typography?

Typography is a component of user interface design. Your typography should guide and inform your users on the tone of your business as well as provide them with optimum readability and accessibility. Your typography should be aesthetically pleasing, give balance to your website, provide a visual hierarchy, and ensure great user experiences. But, contrary to popular belief, typography is more than just font.

Components Of Great Typography

Any typography service provider worth their salt will understand the vital components of that create eye-catching, attention-keeping typography.

  • Contrast. Playing with contrast in typography helps you to emphasise key points to your readers. You can contrast fonts, font size, colour, and style to create text your audience will take in.
  • White space. Most people think of white space as the empty area surrounding the text. While they’re not wrong, it also comprises of the space between lines, letters, and words. White space is essential for improving readability for your audience and creating an aesthetically pleasing design that will keep readers engaged.
  • Consistency. Using a bunch of different fonts, sizes, and colours is going to confuse your reader and cause them to click away from your page before they’ve taken in your key message.
  • Hierarchy. In saying that, you need to have a clear differentiation between headings, subheadings, key points, and general text. Titles establish a hierarchy in your content and allow your readers to skim and find the most crucial information.
  • Colour. The colours of your typography are important for readability and tone. Content needs to be eye-catching, legible, and exciting. It should also be clear enough for people with visual impairments.
  • Font and typeface. While typography is so much more than just font, typeface and font choice play a crucial role. Serif fonts indicate more professionalism and rigidity in a brand but are easier to read. Sans-serif fonts imply innovation and modern tones. Decorative fonts are fun and playful, yet can be difficult on the eye if overused.

When hiring a professional to create the typography for your brand, it’s essential to find a company that understands how these elements work together to create premium, engaging, readable content. The Carpenter’s Wife is your one-stop-shop Melbourne typography service, as we know that your customers can learn a lot about you based solely on your choices in typography!

What Does My Typography Say About My Business?

It’s vital to understand what your typography is communicating to your audience, so you know whether or not it’s sending the right message. There are a few things high-quality typography influences.

  • It creates a mood or feeling. The typography used to advertise a business selling puppy toys and accessories are going to be drastically different compared to those used for a funeral home.
  • It builds trust. Your typography communicates the professionalism of your business, and the appropriate use of typography can earn the trust of your audience.
  • It grabs audiences’ attention. An individual’s attention span online is roughly 8 seconds. Great typography grabs your audience’s attention and keeps them on your site for longer.
  • It builds brand recognition. When you think about soft drink, what do you picture? Could it be, perhaps, the Coca Cola logo? Okay, now think about search engines. Was it the Google logo that popped into your head? These two brands have very carefully designed typography that speaks volumes about their brand! In fact, we’re willing to bet if we wrote any random word in Coca Cola’s Spencerian script or Google’s Product Sans typeface, you’d still associate it with those brands. That’s the power of typography!
  • It makes your content readable and accessible. The perfect typography creates harmony on your website, making your content easy to read and digest. It also allows you to create an information hierarchy, which helps your audience pick through the content for your key points.

Why Choose The Carpenter’s Wife for Melbourne Typography Services?

At The Carpenter’s Wife, we specialise in solving communication problems. We use design, digital strategy, and creativity to better communicate your business’s message to your customers. We’re focused on helping your business tell its story, and we’re the experts in getting that story in front of the people who are going to love hearing it. If you’d like to learn more about what the right typography can do for your brand, please contact us today. We can’t wait to show you the best version of your business.