Social Media Account Creation

Here’s The Thing About Social Media… 5 Secrets To Make Your Accounts Stand Out

Unless you’re a seasoned expert at social media account creation, the world of likes, shares, and captions can be somewhat daunting, especially when you’re just starting with a follower base of 0. That’s where social media account creation services like The Carpenter’s Wife come in handy. We can create eye-catching accounts to align with your brand personality that will quickly build an organic following. Once made, we’ve got a few secrets you can use to ensure your social media accounts stand out from the crowd.

Fast Facts About Social Media

Once a relatively simple landscape, social media has quickly blossomed into integrated platforms designed to consume, create, share, engage, sell, buy, vent, and communicate. Here are a few quick facts about social media of which you need to be aware.

  • There are currently 3.81 billion active social media users worldwide.
  • Of Australia’s population of 24.6 million, there are 18 million active social media users.
  • Facebook: Despite stagnating sign up rates amongst younger generations, Facebook continues to be the leading social media platform worldwide. More than 60% of users say they only remain on Facebook to keep in contact with friends and family.
  • Instagram: Millennials and Gen Z both have shown a clear preference for Instagram as their platform of choice. Over 100 million+ videos and photos are uploaded every day. Instagram’s potential advertising reach is 849.3 million users.
  • TikTok: The newest of the social media platforms, TikTok is huge amongst audiences 13-17 years old. Most users spend on average 52 minutes per day on TikTok, almost overtaking Facebook’s 58.5 minutes per day. Use of TikTok is expected to rise in the coming years.
  • Twitter: Twitter is still widely popular with older audiences between 35-65. It’s also increasingly popular for B2B marketing.
  • YouTube: The second most popular social media platform, YouTube is also officially considered a search engine as it holds such a vast base of information. 8 out of 10 marketers consider YouTube to be the most effective video marketing platform, and every single day 1 billion hours of watch time is accrued worldwide.
  • LinkedIn: An often overlooked social media platform, LinkedIn is popular amongst Millenials and Gen X. Studies indicate that sponsored posts on LinkedIn are deemed more trustworthy than posts on other platforms.

Tip 1: Know What You Want From Your Social Media

At The Carpenter’s Wife, we don’t believe in the ‘spray and pray’ technique. Before we take care of your social media account creation, we ask the following questions.

  • What is it that you want from your social media presence? Whether you’re looking for sales, engagement, or brand awareness, it’s essential to understand your goals before jumping headfirst into social media.
  • Which platforms do you need? More is not necessarily best when it comes to social media use. The more platforms you have, the more responsibility you’re taking on for maintaining those accounts. It’s often more logical to establish accounts on 2 or 3 platforms and go from there.
  • What are your goals? Do you have a certain number of people you’d like following your accounts? Do you want to pay for x amount of advertising? Would you like to see a certain number of website visits through social media? Set some firm, achievable goals so you can measure what’s working and what’s not.

Tip 2: Allocate Time For Social Media

Like all good things, social media takes time to build up, so before The Carpenter’s Wife offer our social media account creation service, we suggest you do the following;

  • Set up a social media calendar. Work out what you’re going to post and when you’re going to post it. You can use information from the internet to inform your post days and times, but make sure you establish regular, consistent post times.
  • Allocate time to create content. You’re going to need time to make graphics, create flat lays, and take amazing photos for your social media feeds! You can also use this time to trawl the internet for industry updates, inspirational reads, or anything else you may want to add to your social media platform.
  • Designate regular intervals throughout the day for engagement. Engagement is KING with any social media platform. The more you comment, like, and share other people’s content, the faster you’ll pick up followers. However, you can’t just set aside an hour a day and spend the whole hour engaging. You need to do it regularly throughout the day. We recommend setting aside 10 minutes every hour or two to engage with other content. This way, it feels like less of a chore.

Tip 3: Create Meaningful Content

Once upon a time, a picture of your breakfast was good enough for social media. Nowadays, people want their content to be thought-provoking and meaningful. If you want your audience to engage and follow your brand, you need to develop ways of grabbing audiences’ attention and keeping it! It’s also important to be as authentic as possible. Social media users can smell BS from a mile away, so everything you post should be transparent and real. Try not to go overboard on the filters either. Authenticity is key.

Tip 4: Organic Growth Is The Only Growth

One of the questions we get a lot is ‘Can I buy followers with my social media account creation?’. While it is possible to purchase followers and likes, it’s not something we would ever recommend doing. It can backfire and look bad for your brand! We all know those accounts with 15k followers, but each post only has a hundred likes or so, and the comments are all just emojis or strange cryptic messages saying ‘ Babe! DM us for brand rep opportunities xoxo’. It’s just all inauthentic garbage, and that’s all you get with bought followers. These accounts aren’t getting any sales or leads, trust us. You can increase your following quickly if you stick to a social media schedule, post meaningful content, and engage frequently.

Tip 5: Let Your Brand Personality Shine Through

No matter what you are posting, make sure you incorporate your brand identity into every status, caption, and photo. If your social media presence is jarring and conflicting, your followers will be less likely to trust you and your products or services. Keep your brand guide close and make sure you look at every post critically before uploading. If you’d like us to give you examples of how you can incorporate your brand personality into your accounts, let the team at The Carpenter’s Wife know so we can guide you as part of our social media account creation service.

For Social Media Account Creation, Choose The Carpenter’s Wife

At The Carpenter’s Wife, we pride ourselves on our ability to solve communication problems creatively. As social media is now synonymous with communication, we naturally had to offer a social media account creation service. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to social media, so we go to great lengths to understand where your business differs and how we can create an account to smash your communication and sales goals. Your brand is unique, and the world deserves to hear about it! A fantastic social media account is just one way to amplify your brand message and get your products in front of new audiences. If you’re looking to start your social media journey with The Carpenter’s Wife, contact us today. We can’t wait to showcase the best of your brand!