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5 Things A Melbourne Graphic Design Firm Can Do That Your Free Canva Trial Can’t

Whether you’re just starting in the world of entrepreneurship or you’re rebranding an old family business, you may be considering the pros and cons of hiring a graphic designer. Rather than searching for a Melbourne graphic design firm, you may be contemplating the easiness of Canva or downloading your own Adobe suite to try your hand at graphic design. While we love seeing the creativity of our clients shine through, trust us when we say hiring a professional is worth it. The team here at The Carpenter’s Wife can offer you far more than your free canva trial.

1. We Make Your Business Look Good

We know you understand the aesthetic and tone of your business. After all, you’re the one who created it! But can you translate your business’s personality into visual materials? Do you know the best way to communicate your brand’s message in an eye-grabbing, engaging way? We can help you create beautiful, bespoke pieces of visual materials that will tell your audience exactly what your business is all about. We can help design;

  • Logos
  • Signage
  • Social media
  • Business cards
  • Labels
  • Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Digital assets
  • Any digital or print marketing materials you need

This is your business; don’t rely on a free trial to have everything you need to create visually stunning material for your brand.

2. Don’t Spend More Than You Have To

Graphic design in Melbourne doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, you’re going to end up spending more if you choose to do your own graphic design work. You’ll be hemorrhaging money through;

  • Software costs. Whether you’re planning to use Canva, Adobe, Lucidpress, or *shudders* Microsoft Publisher; we guarantee that your free trial doesn’t have everything you need. You’re going to see the perfect typeface or an ideal image for your design only to be prompted to sign up for ‘pro’, which will cost you money you don’t need to spend. The Carpenter’s Wife already pays for all the subscriptions we need, so we have full access to a swathe of materials. All you’ll need to pay for is our time.
  • Time wasted. Speaking of time, your time is money. There are so many aspects of your business that only you can do, so why waste hours on something you can easily outsource? We’re not just talking about the hours of design time either. If you’re downloading the Adobe suite for more freedom in your designs, have you considered whether you know how to use the software? If it’s all new to you, you could spend hours on YouTube tutorials alone just learning the basics. The graphic design team here at The Carpenter’s Wife are experts in using creative digital software to develop premium quality designs. Trust us; we’ll have your business cards ready to go in half the time.
  • Printing costs. Here at The Carpenter’s Wife, when it comes to printing, we know a guy. We know exactly where to go and how to print to save you money in the long-run. We know the correct sizes to print, the formats in which to save jobs, and which programs from which printers hate printing (Microsoft Publisher, we’re looking at you).

3. Consistency And Professionalism Are Key

Have you ever seen a brand’s logo, flyers, or marketing materials and felt confused? Perhaps it was the god-awful comic sans font. Maybe it was the over-crowded bodies of hard-to-read text. Or could it have been the fact that you couldn’t quite tell what their business did no matter how hard you looked at their logo? Our point here is that you want your digital and print materials to be consistent, professional, and very on-brand. The Carpenter’s Wife is a Melbourne graphic design firm who specialise in maintaining clear branding across all graphic design materials. We can help you;

  • Figure out your brand. If you’re still searching for your brand’s identity and tone, we can help you break it all down and rebuild a strong, powerful brand.
  • Create collateral that tells your customers what your brand is about. Whether you’re handing out business cards or making a social media post, your customers should be able to tell from a glance that it’s your business. It should be simple for them to identify your brand’s personality in a crowd, regardless of which piece of material they come across.
  • Help you stand out. There are a lot of businesses out there, and chances are you have some healthy competition in your market. While your product or service is the reason customers will keep coming back, clear, consistent graphic design materials will grab their attention initially. You need to make sure every piece of content your business puts out is professional and on-brand.

4. We Know The Rules

A lot of the time, people forget that when they hire a Melbourne graphic design firm like The Carpenter’s Wife, they’re hiring a team of highly experienced, qualified professionals. We’re passionate about beautiful designs, and we get to practice our passion every single day. That means we know the rules of graphic design like the back of our hands.

  • Colour: We understand how to incorporate colours into our designs to make an on-brand, visually appealing piece of content. Whether you need us to help you find your business’s colour palette or whether you have existing brand colours, we can use them to create something beautiful.
  • Typography: Words are an under-appreciated art form. Too many typefaces and fonts leave you with mess and confusion, and too few make your copy hard-to-read. We know how to find typography that fits your brand’s identity and how to use this typography to the best effect.
  • Layout: Whitespace, alignment, borders, imagery, titles; every aspect of graphic design works together to create a cohesive, integrated piece of marketing collateral. If any of it is out-of-place, something about your material will just look… off.

When you leave your project in the hands of The Carpenter’s Wife, you can rest assured you’ll be getting a premium-quality finished product every single time. We’re excited about bringing your business’s visual collateral to life.

5. We Don’t Expire After 7 Days

One of the bummers about free trials is that after a certain time, you’re back to square one. You’ll either have to pay for a subscription, switch to a new program to try another free trial, or create your 22nd email address and start from scratch. The Carpenter’s Wife, on the other hand, are here whenever you need us. We don’t make micro-charges on your credit card every month, and we don’t send you emails pestering you to sign up with us. We’re just here. When you need aesthetic, beautiful graphic design in Melbourne, you can reach out to us. We’ll create what you need for a reasonable price, and then you can go about your business until the next time you need Melbourne graphic design services. It’s that simple.

Why Choose The Carpenter’s Wife for Melbourne Graphic Design Services?

If you’re looking for a firm specialising in graphic design in Melbourne, you can’t go past The Carpenter’s Wife. We’re the experts in solving communication problems for our clients, and we understand that graphic design plays a massive part in a business’s ability to cut through the noise and be seen. We’re passionate about telling your brand’s story, so we want to work closely with you to help develop graphic design material that screams consistency, professionalism, and personality. If you’re interested in hiring Melbourne graphic design services, please contact The Carpenter’s Wife today. We can’t wait to show you the best version of your business.