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4 Questions To Consider When Planning Your Brand Identity

Whether you’re starting a new business or breathing new life into an old brand, a branding service like The Carpenter’s Wife can help you revolutionise your brand. We’re here to guide you through the brand planning process and help you realise the powerful personality your brand has hiding under the surface. We have a lot of tricks up our sleeves to tease out your brand’s identity, but to get us started, we always ask our clients four questions.

Why Did You Start This Business?

No matter how large and fast your business grows, remembering where you started will help you maintain a strong brand personality. You may have started the business because;

  • You saw a gap in the market for a new product or service.
  • You realised the potential of a particular product in your local area.
  • You wanted to sell a similar product to someone local to you, but you wanted to provide better service.
  • You had a brilliant idea no one had ever done before, and you jumped on it.

Whatever your reason for starting your business, knowing where you came from will help you to understand your unique selling point. What’s that you ask? It’s the thing that makes your business different from all the rest. It’s what sets you apart, and it’s the reason your customers love you.

Who Do You See As Your Direct Competitors?

This question can be misleading, so we’re going to clear something up real quick. If you own an independent, boutique burger joint, your direct competitor is not McDonald’s. You need to be looking at what other small burger diners in your area are doing. Look at chains like Burger Urge or other independent restaurants in the area, as they are your direct competition. This goes for any smaller businesses Australia-wide. Don’t look at the big guys as your competitors. Regardless of your industry, you need to analyse your competitors for;

  • Pricing
  • Product offerings
  • Customer service experience/reviews
  • In-store decor/location
  • Their USP
  • Social media strategy
  • Market share
  • Areas of customer dissatisfaction

That last point is a good one to take into consideration when brand planning, as you can use it to differentiate your brand from your competitors!

Who Is Your Target Market?

Understanding your target market is one of the most critical aspects of brand planning. When offering our branding service, The Carpenter’s Wife makes it our priority to know your target market inside and out because they’re the ones who’ll be interacting with your brand! When identifying your target market, consider;

  • How many other similar brands are already targeting them. You don’t want to join an oversaturated market. You should pick a target market who would receive your product or service well but haven’t yet seen such an offering.
  • How and where they shop. This not only helps you understand whether to invest in online or a physical store, but it also enables you to figure out where to place the bulk of your advertising.
  • How they see themselves. Does your target market see themselves as lively retirees? Young, hip, pet-owners? As desirable, wealthy guys with a penchant for cars? You want your brand to resonate with your target market, so you need to understand how they view themselves.
  • Their values. Your brand’s values HAVE to align with your target market’s. If your market cares about in sustainability, your brand must be too. Likewise, if your target market is passionate about property investment, your brand needs to live and breathe that passion.

The better you know your target market, the more they’ll relate to your products, your content, and your brand personality.

Which Brands Do You Love?

Now, this question isn’t asking you for your competitors. We’ve already gone through all that. The brands we’re asking you to list here don’t even need to be in your industry! We want you to list brands, big or small, that you simply can’t get enough of! From here, we can figure out what you love about them and how to integrate that into your brand.

  • The products/services: This only works if you’re in the same industry, but there might be an item or two that you’d love to stock in your own business!
  • Their brand personality: If you love the tone and the vibe of another business’s brand, try to identify which aspects you love specifically. Then rework them and try to find a way to make it work for your industry/business. Remember though, don’t straight out copy another brand.
  • Their aesthetic: If you’re obsessed with a brand’s logo, their colours, or their website, add images to your mood board! The Carpenter’s Wife uses these mood boards in our brand planning service to develop the perfect brand details for your business.

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At The Carpenter’s Wife, we believe in solving communication problems. We also believe that the best way to communicate with an audience is through strong, memorable brand identity. We understand that your brand has its own unique story, and we’re excited to use our brand planning service to help you tell the world the story of your brand. If you’re thinking about refining your brand’s personality and creating a stable, engaging brand identity that cuts through Melbourne’s advertising noise, please contact Melbourne branding service The Carpenter’s Wife.