What Does Your Business’s Typography Tell Your Customers?

In the 21st century, people are taking in more typography and written words than they have at any other point in history. We are surrounded by written text at every moment of the day, reading it via books, phones, computers, advertisements, posters, packaging, televisions… the list goes on. Most of these words, we glaze over but don’t take in. …read more

5 Things A Melbourne Graphic Design Firm Can Do That Your Free Canva Trial Can’t

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What Sets You Apart? Hallmarks of Truly Great Web Design

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7 Steps To Creating A Eye-Catching Brand That Leaves Your Clients Wanting More

Victoria is a busy state full of people trying to push their business in front of customers, so we can’t stress enough the importance of branding in Melbourne. While we could get stuffy and use terms like ‘SWOT analyses’ or ‘messaging statements’, at The Carpenter’s Wife, we know our brand! Our brand doesn’t do boring; it just isn’t part of our identity. So we’ve comprised a 7-step guide to building a memorable brand for your business while having a …read more

Here’s The Thing About Social Media… 5 Secrets To Make Your Accounts Stand Out

Unless you’re a seasoned expert at social media account creation, the world of likes, shares, and captions can be somewhat daunting, especially when you’re just starting with a follower base of 0. That’s where social media account creation services like The Carpenter’s Wife come in handy. We can create eye-catching accounts to align with your brand personality that will quickly build an organic following. Once made, we’ve got a few secrets you can use to ensure …read more

4 Questions To Consider When Planning Your Brand Identity

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Rebranding: How To Know When It’s Time To Hit Ctrl+R

Rebranding is a huge decision, but sometimes it’s essential to the long-term success of your business. Regardless of how crucial it may be, that makes it no less daunting! If you’re wondering where to begin, contact The Carpenter’s Wife. We specialise in rebranding in Melbourne, so we can make the process far less intimidating! As for when to rebrand, there are a few telltale signs that your business is ready to hit Ctrl+R, so make sure to keep an eye …read more

The Art Of Logo Design: How To Create A Memorable Motif For Your Business

A logo holds a lot of power in a consumer’s mind. The simplistic little design can speak volumes about your business, and it can help people from all language backgrounds identify the one brand. The Carpenter’s Wife specialises in logo design in Melbourne because we understand the impact of a carefully crafted motif on your customers. The design team at The Carpenter’s Wife are all highly qualified professionals with demonstrated histories of creating dynamic, …read more

5 Tips To Create A Shopify Store That Will Keep Your Customers Clicking

Design is a funny old thing. You don’t usually notice good design because it works so seamlessly; we take it for granted. Bad design, on the other hand, can grind on one’s nerves. Even if you aren’t familiar with the rules of good design, you’ll notice when a website has a poor design. It’s important to remember the impact of good design when considering your Shopify store design. For the most part, you can create a Shopify store all by yourself with no coding skills …read more