A feast for the eyes! The importance of food photography

Highlight what sets you apart

You might have a specific popular dish that is strategically priced to entice people through the door. You may have a head chef with an interesting back story, or you may have a unique menu item like a Mixed Grill served in a wheelbarrow or bottomless Mojito night. What ever you want to showcase, do it with pictures, your website and social media.

The better the images the better chance it has of being picked up by media outlets and featured on their platforms. Get images that showcase the artistry of the food. Find your unique groove in the industry and continue to carve it.

Getting the perfect image to highlight your product

When we are doing anything with food, we follow some pretty basic rules and we always, always have a box of props. We heart styling. It’s in our blood.

  1. Make sure you have good light and a crisp, clean image. Natural light is a food photographer’s best friend. If you are taking the photos yourself, taking photos with the actual iPhone camera and not the Instagram app camera makes a huge difference OR use a digital camera then edit, and upload the photo to Instagram.
  2. Consider doing something outside of the normal overhead/bird’s eye view photo. Appealing photography is crucial. Many Instagram foodies we have worked with say they sought a balance between artsy overhead shots and evocative ‘food porn’ images. like melting ice cream or oozing egg yolks, which tend to generate the most responses.
  3. Negative space highlights the individual food item you’re trying to showcase. Make sure the food is the primary focus of your photo
  4. Edit, edit, edit. Oh, and edit. If you are doing this yourself, use apps like VSCO Cam, Camera +, or the Instagram edit functions to make your images look natural and bright. You want people to look at your photo and even if they just ate a full meal think, “Get in ma belly.”

 Publish on the right social media platforms

Taking awesome photos of food is not enough to keep consumers interested in a product. The product has to be published to the right platform. As far as our favourite social media platform for this industry, Instagram is king, but we never forget about Facebook. They are the best two platform for this industry in Australia. There’s a reason restaurants are hiring social media influencers to promote their food. Millennials and foodies are always drawn to try new restaurants and bars based on their favourite blogger or Instagram celeb’s recommendations. Influencers can help promote your food posts. Use the shoppable Instagram feed or link in a bio to drive people back to your site. More traffic. Higher google rankings. If you have a blog, you can show off certain aspects of the meal once you publish your photo. Make it super easy for people to find out more information. While these photos are specific to the products, food publishers can make it about the ingredients.

More than anything, your key objective on social media is to keep the audience engaged. People actually want to be engaged in a brand’s story. Food imagery is a great way to do this. Take advantage Instagram by creating a hashtag that your consumers can use to be part of your brand story. Publish that hashtag not just on your Instagram feed, but on your blog and Facebook feed, in email marketing campaigns, even on the menu! You can then regram the content created by your loyal customers. This makes your customers feel special and connected to your brand, while you reuse and publish those images to even more of your customers. You’ll end up with a collection of authentic, unique images that become a chapter in your brand’s story.

Have a monthly social media calendar

It’s pretty simple really. Just do it. Whether you have a few people involved in your business or many, a unified social media strategy starts with being on the same page. Plus implementing a social media calendar means that your most powerful digital platform will never be ignored. Everyone is busy and we hear time and time again.. “We let it slide because we have been so busy”. This eliminates that problem. I know right.. We are fixers.

It is also important to ensure that your social media activity is aligned with other active marketing efforts such as email campaigns, video, and even new website developments. You need a place to manage all of those efforts where they can be viewed and interpreted clearly by different teams across your organisation. Enter: the content calendar.

Increase following and stay engaged

There is no denying the fact that gaining a following on socials helps your business kick goals. With every interaction, it creates brand awareness. But most of all it increases your reach.

Imagine trying to contact every single one of your customers to let them know about a new promotion? It doesn’t happen, because it’s almost impossible. However, with a simple post on your social channels, you are reaching all of your audience and more!

By liking, commenting, and engaging with your audience you also build a relationship and loyalty with your customers and people are more willing to support your business and think of your restaurant when looking for a dining experience.

We have many options for start-ups who want an extra push to get them going and also for large companies that need someone to manage it all so that they can do what they are known for. Contact us to have a chat and see if this is an option for you.

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