5 Tips To Create A Shopify Store That Will Keep Your Customers Clicking

Design is a funny old thing. You don’t usually notice good design because it works so seamlessly; we take it for granted. Bad design, on the other hand, can grind on one’s nerves. Even if you aren’t familiar with the rules of good design, you’ll notice when a website has a poor design. It’s important to remember the impact of good design when considering your Shopify store design. For the most part, you can create a Shopify store all by yourself with no coding skills required. However, if you need to tweak your site to suit your business, The Carpenter’s Wife offers plenty of Shopify store design services. We want to help you create a store that generates sales, provides a positive customer experience, and aligns with your brand identity perfectly. So, here are a few things you can do to make your Shopify store THE place to shop online.

1. Keep It Simple

A simple Shopify store layout is always going to be the most effective. As soon as they click into your store, your customers should be able to;

  • Understand what you sell. Make it very clear what your business is about through simple copy, photographs, or videos.
  • Find what they came for. Make sure your navigation is easy-to-use and easy to find. If you have an extensive range of products, you may want to consider implementing a search function.
  • Understand how to purchase. Make transactions as straightforward as you possibly can to avoid any abandoned carts.

2. Create A Feeling

No matter what you sell, your brand identity likely has a feeling or emotion attached to it. If you sell ice cream, you may want people to associate your brand with excitement or fun. If your business sells shoes, you may want your customers to feel free and empowered. Make sure the feelings your brand evokes are represented within your Shopify store design. Use copy, typography, photography, and layout carefully to recreate this feeling throughout your site.

3. Don’t Allow For Dead Ends

When customers face dead-ends on your site, their browsing experience comes to an end. What’s a dead-end you ask? It’s a page that doesn’t prompt them to visit anywhere else on your Shopify site. There are so many ways you can avoid dead ends in your Shopify store design.

  • Related products. If you have other products similar to what the customer is browsing, create a prompt directing them to those products.
  • Other’s who bought this item also liked this. This is a great way to upsell your customers and give them new, innovative ideas on how to use, wear, or engage with your products.
  • Blog content. Directing your customers to blog content keeps them on your site longer and gives them a chance to engage with your brand.

4. Provide An Experience Customers Will Trust

It’s crucial that your customers trust your Shopify site, otherwise they won’t buy from you. You need to earn your customer’s trust by creating a Shopify store design that is easy to use, offers an opportunity to engage with real people, and is open and honest. You can do this by;

  • Minimising overcrowding. Limit the number of items on each page and try to sort them by the most popular to drive sales. Your landing page shouldn’t be too noisy with products and should have simple, friendly calls-to-action.
  • Make your site intuitive. When you visit a great Shopify store, it’s almost as though the site guides you through itself. Every click feels like a natural progression to a sale. That’s the way it should be; online shopping should never be difficult.
  • Provide a chatbox. Some people feel more at ease if they can speak with a real person, so providing a chat box option may be something to consider. Customers can have their questions answered in real-time and may be more inclined to purchase.

If you need help implementing these features into your store, The Carpenter’s Wife can help you with our comprehensive Shopify store design services.

5. Consistency Is Key

Your Shopify store should never be a confusing experience for your customers. Everything should align nicely with your brand identity and provide consistency for shoppers.

  • Design. Everything from your colour palette and typography through to your use of whitespace should be 100% consistent and on-brand. We recommend using no more than 2-3 typefaces or fonts and sticking to no more than three colours.
  • Tone. All the copy in your Shopify store should be consistent across the board. Your blog, ‘about us’, and your product descriptions all need to be written in the same tone and style.
  • Photography. Clear, beautiful photos of your products will secure you far more sales. Make sure your photography is consistently high-quality and captures the best features of your products. Try to avoid stock images where you can. Customers can often tell the difference between a stunning image you’ve taken and a photo you’ve downloaded from Unsplash.

For Shopify Store Design Services, Contact The Carpenter’s Wife

If you’re looking to increase your online sales, it goes without saying your Shopify store design needs to be thoughtful, consistent, and intuitive. The Carpenter’s Wife has design services to tailor your Shopify store to your business’s unique needs. After all, a one-size-fits-all template isn’t going to cut it for everyone! We’re proud of our ability to embrace our clients’ brand identities to create a Shopify experience representative of that brand for their customers. IF you’re looking to fine-tune your Shopify store design, get in touch with The Carpenter’s Wife today.